Good day, today is Sunday meaning Church Day and lazy day(as with most of the days of summer-boring). Had brunch(brunch because I basically woke up during lunch) a while and the food was delicious dinuguan, a Filipino delicacy made with pig's meat and doused in its own blood to be consumed with either a puto or white rice!

Image Source: Going Filipino

Anyways, I've been thinking of getting myself brogues! Yes brogues! I have been obsessed with brogues.

Image Sources: Style Bubble & Flickr

I have been searching for brogues for men(even for women) everywhere within the Makati and Manila area but to no avail. I personally think that brogues are one of the biggest trends in footwear this Spring/Summer. It could be worn with frilly dresses for a feminine with an edge look or with cropped tailored pants for a casual look. Oh well, here are the brogues that I am currently fixated with.

Image Sources: Polyvore, Asos, & Net-a-Porter

Aren't they fabulous? Gonna save me some money for new shoes and clothes.

Anyways, sorry if my entry feels a little disconnect because I am not enitirely focused. Oh well, I feel hungry again.


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