My Cousin's Wedding, Deux

This has been pretty boring, as is my whole life, oh well. Nonetheless it was not pretty hot when I went out, actually it was pretty windy, which was greatly appreciated by me.

Three weeks ago, my cousin, Queenie Garrote, just got married to a pretty lucky Chinese man, Chifai Yeung, in a wonderful and emotion filled church wedding where all the friends and families of the couple attended to witness and share this special event with them, my family included.

I was really lazy to upload my pics at an earlier date so I just uploaded these now.

They were wed in a wonderfully decorated and prevalently minimalist and Marian devoted church in San Juan. The church was, I believe to be, called Mary the Queen Parish.

The Groom accepting the Bride from her parents.

A kiss from the newlyeds.

The reception of the wedding was at the Shangri-la Makati in Rizal Ballroom. We waited by the foyer for about an hour and most of the guest were starving, which was evident because the nuts were wiped out just like that. At last the couple arrived and we were treated with a scrumptious buffet. Too bad I did not take pictures, I was reluctant and shy in taking pics because I might bug the people.

That's Tita Bebs with our cousin Dylan waiting at the foyer for the happy couple so that we can go in the ballroom to eat.

That's our Lola Caring and our other cousin anxiously waiting for the couple.

Here's what I wore. Suit: Daniel Hechter; Shirt: G2000; Necktie: SM; Black Shoes: Linea Italia. (I look so pale!!! I need a tan!!! LOL!!!)

Here's what my adorable sister wore. She was a bridesmaid. Bridesmaid gown & silk Pouch: Edward Teng; Heels: Aldo; Jewelry: Chopard.

My sister and I were seated with the entourage on table 8. We must be lucky.

Me and my sister with our cute cousin Dylan. He was sick throughout the night so he was crying. Thank God for the shiny silverware to keep little Dylan from crying while this picture is getting taken.

The ballroom was packed with all the friends and family from the bride and groom.

That's my sister with our cousin, Ivy Garrote.

Cousin Ivy, Sheri, and ME. :)

During the reception, me and sis met with cousins that we never met like our very jovial cousin Witwit. She is pictured here Lola Caring, little sis, and cousin Witwit.

We were pretty happy at the end of the night and it seemed we enjoyed the whole wedding, right from the wedding itself to the reception. The church was nice, the food was good, and the couple was great. Hope my cousin and her mate last as long as they are alive. Cheers!!!

LATER!!! I'm hungry!!! Ahahaha!!!

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