Just Can't Sleep Right

Hey there! I have been having some serious sleeping problems lately. I researched that I may have a DSPS (Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome) and/or, sparingly, transient Insomnia which could be caused by my adaption of late sleeping times (i.e. 4:00 in the morning!!!) and/or poor sleep hygiene (i.e. messy room?!).

Probably the reason for these sleeping problems maybe that I had been engaged to watching reruns of classic Cartoon Network show Powerpuff Girls (seriously I love them and am hooked once again) rummaging the web for useless and mundane topics like cupcake recipes, Facebook foolishness, and fashion follies.

Due to my inability to sleep right and my curiosity for the mundane, I recently got a preview of next months Vogue, featuring Blake Lively on the cover, with Glee's Matthew Morrison in all his hotness!!!! He is featured here in a fashion story with equally hot Raquel Zimmerman. Gosh!!! I wish I had a teacher like that!!!

Image Source: Vogue.Com

LATER!!!! Watching Powepuff Girls now!!!! Wahahaha!!!:))

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