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Here's a vid of the amazing Raquel Zimmerman werqing it for Gareth Pugh's Autumn/Fall 2010 collection.




Graphika Manila 2010 Experience

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
- Pablo Picasso

So last Saturday, August 7 (this blog is so long overdue hehe), my friend and I went to the SMX Convention Center for Graphika Manila where esteemed Multimedia Designers from its different fields discuss and showcase their works and the behind the scenes look on how they make them. I would like to narrate the events during August 7, from the morning until evening where it rained cats and dogs.

Here it goes...


Manila Design Week 2010

I have really been back logged with blogging the latest in the metro.

Anyways... As you may all know, on Saturday will be the launch of Manila Design Week 2010 through the influential multimedia event conference Graphika Manila.


Graphika Manila is the influential multimedia event conference where design students and professionals are brought together and listen to the inspiring stories and quips from celebrated graphic artists from the Philippines and around the world. This year they brought out the big guns by inviting as keynote speakers poster artist Tara McPherson, Emmy Award-winning designer Danny Yount, and Singapore-based art collective Phunk Studio.

Graphika Manila 2010

Fortunately, I snagged the student pass worth Php 1250 but all that is worth it for the impressive line-up which is worth every centavo of my money. I will go together with my dear friend TinTin and just absorb every words and inspiration from each speaker and presenter.

A launch party will also be held for Manila Design Week where one can meet with the Poster Princess Tara McPherson in an exhibit and also rockout to bands featured in the official kick-off party at the Collective.

My only problem now is what to wear on Saturday, I mean I need a bag to match my clothes. I'm wearing basically shades of gray and silver. What bag to wear? I don't have any bag to match it. I'm gonna find bags from my mom na lang and see if I can borrow them. Oh well...

More of the schedule after the jump


Gaga Goes Gray

Good morning/afternoon/night to you and wherever all y'all are. It's already 1:39 in the morning here and I'm still not asleep even though I need to wake up early to accompany my mom for her CT scan at Medical City. Oh well...

In other news, the Lady of Crazy - Lady Gaga, lands the September issue of Vanity Fair. The cover features Gaga somehow naked wearing only nude nail polish, light make-up, jewelry, and long gray locks, looking her very best so far. Inside Lady Gaga talks about sex, relationships, drugs, and the various brouhahas that Gaga has been involved, you know - her usual topics.

Anyways going gray has been on trend over the season, being worn by the likes of Elle style director Kate Lanphear, supreme socialite Daphne Guinness, supermodel Kate Moss, and even adorable blogger Tavi Gevinson. So what do you think of going Gaga on gray??? Would you follow the trend???

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

LATER!!! :)



Hey there!!!

I have been M.I.A. (missing in action not the singer) for the last three(or two) weeks, well, because I've been too lazy and just a little busy. Nonetheless, I will still blog today despite this week being busier than the weeks before. Well that has always been my thing, blogging and doing unnecessary things while there is a very important schoolwork that is needed to be done for the advancement of my college studies which would eventually lead to a lucrative job in the future.


Anyhow... I was browsing through Refinery29 and chanced upon a new Facebook game to promote Marc Jacobs new perfume for "men" - Bang, which ad features a naked Marc with a giant bottle of the aforementioned "mens" perfume shot by long time MJ collaborator Juergen Teller (See the kinda NSFW ad after the jump).

The game is kinda like poking except you have this "Bang"-ed mugshoot effect (as in the fragrance bottle). The goal of this game is to "bang" and to get "bang"ed, the more profiles you "bang" the more points you get (bonus points for getting banged by people from other countries, and—appropriately—for getting banged after midnight). What do you get when you get banged the most? One special bang player will be chosen each day to win a prize: the fragrance, Marc Jacobs clothing certificate, and even atrip to NYC to attend the MJ runway show. The perks of being banged by a multitude of people from different parts of the world.

Bang You're It
My Bang profile "mugshot".

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