34, Avenue Foch

What another hot day for us in the Philippines, noh? I mean how much more heat could we take. I am literally sweating like a pig last afternoon. I could even get a decent siesta in this heat so instead I watched the new episode of Glee!!! on ETC (which I think was heart warming and heartfelt). My gosh!!! On an odd twist, it rained later but it's still damn hot in my room that it feels like a sauna room. Oh well . . . (sarcastic tone start) perks of living in the Phil . . . (sarcastic tone end)

I am currently lounging around my messy room typing on this laptop while watching Tyra on ETC talking about ODDS (really Tyra!!! Nonetheless it's fun TV) and the ODDS of me stumbling on an interesting topic in the interwebs is 1:1 (I totally made that up), like this video showcasing the Autumn 2010 collection of Miu Miu with models Lindsay Wixson, Mariacarla Boscono, Samantha Gradovile, and Anais Pouliot portraying ghosts at 34, Avenue Foch for AnOther Magazine.

The video personally feels like the bicycle/hallway scene in The Shining.

Creepy Shit!!! I should not really be watching these kinds of videos this late at night - 1:02 AM!!! It creeps the shit out of me. Now the little bumps and noises disturb. Oh well . . .


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