Gaga Goes Gray

Good morning/afternoon/night to you and wherever all y'all are. It's already 1:39 in the morning here and I'm still not asleep even though I need to wake up early to accompany my mom for her CT scan at Medical City. Oh well...

In other news, the Lady of Crazy - Lady Gaga, lands the September issue of Vanity Fair. The cover features Gaga somehow naked wearing only nude nail polish, light make-up, jewelry, and long gray locks, looking her very best so far. Inside Lady Gaga talks about sex, relationships, drugs, and the various brouhahas that Gaga has been involved, you know - her usual topics.

Anyways going gray has been on trend over the season, being worn by the likes of Elle style director Kate Lanphear, supreme socialite Daphne Guinness, supermodel Kate Moss, and even adorable blogger Tavi Gevinson. So what do you think of going Gaga on gray??? Would you follow the trend???

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

LATER!!! :)

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