Love's Soldier

Sade Adu, the frontwoman of the band Sade, has one of the most soulful voice in the music industry since her band's 1985 debut, Diamond Life, which captured my fancy through the soulful smooth jazz classic - Smooth Operator,

to the sensual soul classic No Ordinary Love, from their fourth studio album - Love Deluxe,

and one of the sweetest love songs - By Your Side from their fifth album, Lovers Rock.

Now Sade comes with their six album, Soldier of Love, featuring the eponymous lead single, Soldier of Love

As always, Sade is always graceful and elegant and still a beautiful woman even after all these years. This new single is a new path that Sade took and we are just more than happy to take the ride with her and enjoy the richness of the new sound. She is clearly never fading and is still as passionate as her Diamond Life days.


PS: Watch the vids now. . . Sony is taking down videos specifically her latest single Soldier of Love. PleaseandThankYou Ü

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